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Designer Curtains for Craigieburn

Designer curtains are not only custom made but showcase your personality and taste. Be it for any upcoming festive season, special celebrations or just for yourself, space can be brought to life if customised to your space and liking.

Curtain Designer, a family owned business for close to four decades does that and much more. The handcrafted, customised curtains and drapes inspire our customers to have the best of the trends and conventional styles. Our handcrafted, customised curtains and drapes are sure to cheer you and have that good first impression on your visitors. If you are in Craigieburn and its surrounding areas and are in a lookout for handcrafted designer curtains, you have come to the right place.

At Curtain Designer, we offer you with a second to none service in customised curtains and drapes. We know well that you want to give your space a unique soul and tailor made curtains and drapes can help give your space the desired facelift. Whether you are looking for a grand look or a fresh, down to earth look, our range of products and services will inspire you to make it happen.

We have in store a range of quality fabric to suit different stitching and draping styles to choose from. Wilson, Zepel, and Slender Morris, Warwick,are just some of the fabrics you could choose to have. We also have our interior design consultants to you help make the right decisions. They give you with great tips and insights on how to get the best results while designing ideal curtains and drapes for your space.

At Curtain Designer, we are experts in various pleating and draping styles and techniques. Some of them are:

  1. Rod pockets and other additions.
  2. Gather tapes.
  3. Eyelet finishes.
  4. Pinch and pencil pleating.
  5. Goblet pleats and other designer headings.

Curtain Accessories for those who have an eye for detail

Every curtain and drape that we design are unique. Credit also goes to the details in the small things. We blend your ideas with our experience and expertise to bring in that wow factor to the finished product.

We understand and appreciate your ideas and interest and stand at every step of the way to make it happen. We create all of our curtain accessories from scratch and handcraft them to work with your chosen curtain design. The curtain accessories that we offer include:

Valance tops and other header additions.
Designer tassels.
Traditional and Modern curtain swags.
Bonded and Padded pelmets.
Austrian curtain tails.

For exclusively handcrafted, customised curtains to elevate your space in Craigieburn, feel free to call us on for general enquiries, or simply to ask about any of our particular services.

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